Who We Are

We are Tjibbe (Shiba) and Edie de Jong, Directors of PTG. This vision is inspired by God and we have been given the honor to steward it well.   Over the last four years we have been praying specifically for God’s perfect will and destiny call upon our life to serve Him.  As we have pressed into the Father’s heart a stirring to believe God for a big miracle was birthed.  To our surprise, we were compelled to step out boldly and pray for land.  As awkward as it seemed at first, it lined up and matched our heart cry.  As the adventure continued we prayed in unity on 7 pieces of land across Texas.  On January 31, 2018, God revealed the beginning of His miracle.  He led us, through more miracles, to a specific piece of land He has for this ministry. (See “Why the Land”)  God has shown us this land is for the millennial generation to come receive His love for them.  We desire to bring them to a place and time set apart especially for their hearts. We have seen their cry and God has established in us what we believe is His answer to their most immediate need.  It is time to walk beside them with God’s word guiding them, teach them the depth of Jesus love and then, run with them.  We believe it is a now time to reclaim inheritance and Prosper the Generations.

The Mission

  • We believe sons and daughters thrive as they reclaim inheritance in the kingdom of God.
  • We believe now is an urgent time to invest in young adults as they will face challenges no other past generation has before.
  • We believe that teaching the truth of the Father’s love unlocks freedom to soar into passion.
  • We believe awakened hearts find their true identity in God’s word. This awakening opens doors to destiny and calling.

Partner With Us

The Vision

PTG is set apart for sons and daughters who come hungry to grow in their confidence and place in the kingdom as a child of Jesus.  The journey takes place on a ranch over a 60 day period.  During this season:

  • We see sons and daughters make a confident shift in their ability to stand in a culture that waivers.
  • We see leaders rising up to all platforms of marketplace they will impact for Christ.
  • We see awakening of God’s perspective confirming His identity upon them.
  • We see breakthrough in the convergence of calling, passion and destiny as chains fall off.
  • We see promises unlocking.

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.  Isaiah 45:3 

Why The Land

The land inspires us in the beauty and fullness of the Father’s audacious love.

Being on the land invites one to engage in awe and wonder of God and receive His goodness and provision as tangible kisses from heaven.

Sensing Gods creation across the land awakens one to lean in and listen without distraction.

Giving back to the land by planting and harvesting gardens and engaging in recurring ranch projects allows students reflective experiences of biblical parallels.  For example, we know from scripture plants need a good foundation of soil to start their growth.  As believers our “soil” is Christ.  Christ nurtures us and supports us.  He gives us a place to extend our roots securely. (John 15:4) We also know plants need sunlight.  God’s holy word is our light.  Plants grow toward light. As His children we thrive as we lean towards the light for guidance and strength. (Psalm 119:105) Additionally, we know plants need water to sustain life.  We believe one aspect of that much needed water is fellowship with other believers.  Fellowship is refreshment to the soul, just like water is to a plant. (Matthew 18:20-22, Psalm 55:14) We believe God will present multiple opportunities to teach biblical principles from cultivating His land and His beloved people.

Working and playing together on the land God has given creates a rich culture of community.  Activities will include gardening, ranch projects, home life, fishing, swimming, exercise, kayaking, hunting, exploring and hiking on nature trails.

What Our Friends Say About Us

Integrity and Wisdom

“We believe one of the Lord’s greatest life lessons is that He defines our lives and our identities and callings.  Our relationship with Jesus and our focus on His nature and character yields freedom and a genuine love, peace and joy that doesn’t deny but supersedes the chaos and difficulties of life. 

Tjibbe and Edie are anointed people of integrity and wisdom. They have a heart and calling from the Lord to awaken and guide this generation and others into the truth and beauty of relationship with Jesus. 

It is our joy and privilege to endorse and support “Prosper the Generations.””

– Rob and Susan Buchheit

Passion & Obedience

“Edie and Tjibbe and their precious daughters are Christians that seek the Lord with a passion. Knowing them along with confirmations they received of starting a new ministry and their obedience to God is what prompted us to sow into this ministry. There are so many ways to be Jesus’ hands and feet and I believe it critically starts with our youth. I am so looking forward on how Jesus will transform our future generations through them.”

– Maria S.

Love for God...Contagious

“Tjibbe and Edie are so passionate about encouraging others to press into God and experience Him in new and exciting ways. They make serving God fun and their love for God and people is contagious. They have a gift of drawing out the good in people, speaking life into anyone they come in contact with and helping others discover what their gifts and callings are. They are faithful stewards with all that God entrusts them with.

This ministry is so needed for today’s young adults and the de Jongs are the perfect family to lead this ministry.”

– Lisa Hernadez

Serving The Next Generation

“Prosper the Generations is uniquely designed to play the important role of serving the next generation. They are willing to dedicate resources to see sons and daughters find their calling in the Lord which is life altering. My life was changed because I was discipled as a student and taught about the love of God and my identity in Christ. This truth changes everything. My life was impacted at age 22 when I began realizing the importance of faithful followers of Christ in the marketplace. I know there are many other students walking down the same path and looking for answers on how to use their calling to impact the Kingdom.  I am excited to see how the Lord is working through Tjibbe & Edie de Jong by their commitment to be a necessary branch of the Kingdom through Prosper the Generations. This ministry is filling a critical role to shepherd the next generations to fulfill their destiny.”

– Logan Bennett

"such a time as this"

“We are so excited about all God is doing as He seems to be cutting a clear path for Prosper The Generations. This ministry has surely been birthed for “such a time as this” with the Father’s heart to speak sonship into this generation. It is a blessing to us to sow into this beautiful vision that Father has given to Edie and Tjibbe.”


– Tod And Tammy Williams